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Cleaning & Conditioning

 Professional fur conditioning is a necessity to ensure the natural oils of your fur’s hide are kept intact.


Kirschner Furs’ conditioning services are designed to keep your fur properly moisturized in order to prevent any cracking, peeling, or fur loss. Bring your fur to us anytime.  


No appointment necessary.



With the proper care, your fur can last a lifetime. If your fur coat is sporting a new tear, or if the lining is completely shredded and needs to be replaced, there’s only one place to go: Kirschner Furs.


We offer affordable fur repair services that are designed to get your fur looking better than ever before. Our professional furriers have years of experience in the industry and can tend to repairs of all magnitudes.


We also offer fur alterations. We can work on all varieties of fur, both new and vintage. 

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