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"It's Storage Time"

- Cold storage is vital for proper maintenance of your fur

- Our climate-controlled vault with low humidity sustains the life and beauty of furs

- Air Conditioning and/or cedar closets are NOT sufficient to protect your fur


Give us a call today to schedule your fur drop off for proper storage.

Unique Outerwear for women & men, 
Fur coats, cold storage, Fur coat repair, and more

"Feel The Vibe"

If you are into

self-expression and your unique MUST shop at Kirschner Furs.

Phil Beach & Cass

Timeless Style & Elegance Is Not Standing Out...But...
Being Remembered

Man in long fur coat

A Thinking Man Has

Style & Class - With a

Little Fun

Thrown In. 

Trish Jay

Wear Something Bright & Fun from Kirschner's...We'll Have You Singing "I'm Feeling Lucky Today" All Day Long!!


You Can Never Be Overdressed or Over Educated... A Woman Should Be Two Things...

Classy & Fabulous.

Kirschner furs

"Playing Dress Up Begins At Age 5 And Never Truly Ends."   

Kate Spade


A Self Assured Man Stands Out With His Own Sense Of Style. Outwear from Kirschner..... 

Phil The Vibe!!!!!

Phil Beach

Life Is Too Short To Wait For The Right Moment To Enjoy Anything.

So - Throw On Your Fur - And Let The Magic Happen!!


If' I'm Going To Be A Hot Mess, I might As Well Be A Hot Mess In Something

"Just My Style" From Kirschner

Man sitting on couch with hat

Everyone Notices A Man With His Own Sense of Style and Personality...

He's The Man

With A Little Something Extra From

Kirschner Furs. 

Phil Beach

Just Enjoying A Quiet Moment - Or Sharing One With A Friend... Wrapped In Something Fun From Kirschner's

Trish Jay & Jackie the flower lady

Playing Dress Up Creates The Best Memories Ever!!

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