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Kirschner Furs Fall Collection
Arra Riggs- @arraactivity 

You can do anything you want.... dress for the free spirit in you

Everyone can see "You are the catch of the day"!!!!

Arra Riggs- @arraactivity 
Two women on a blanket in fur coats

Oh what a decadent feeling, Daydreaming when the mood strikes.

Fashion you can buy, only you possess your style.  It's something we reflect from our soul to the outside world.

Jackie Phillips, Travis Painted Chef
Jackie Phillips @jackiesblair_

"A woman should be two things... Classy and Fabulous." 
Marilyn Monroe

If I'm going to be a hot mess, I might as well be a hot mess in something just my style from Kirschner

Arra Riggs- @arraactivity