About Our Furs and Accessories

Unique and Classic Outerwear & Accessories

Trends may come and go - but fur and fur-trimmed outerwear will always be in style.  We have an eclectic lifestyle and women who live in the South don't need heavy fur.  Kirschner Furs offers outerwear that is lightweight and functional. 


We can take you from an Oyster Roast, football game, grocery store, lunch, dinner party to a formal gala. From Brrrr to Baby it's cold outside!!!!!!.   


Our inventory of unique outerwear is always changing.  What you choose is exclusively you. More importantly, fits into your budget yet - make you feel like a Queen.  Kirschner also offers classic furs for that special woman with traditional taste.



Kirschner's is proud to offer a preview of a sampling of our lightweight, functional outerwear as well as our classic furs. 


Our very own happy customers are proudly modeling their selection from our fabulous line of outerwear. 


Our purses are custom designed and made exclusively for you by our in-house designer.


Many of our furs are adorned with custom-designed, beautiful jewelry made in Savannah by Diva Designs.

In the famous words of Harry Winston - "people will stare - make it worth their while"!

The Only Place You Will Find Something Like This is at Kirschner Furs