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Protect Your Investment


Our staff has a combined 77 years of experience in fur care and maintenance.  We'll examine your garment thoroughly to determine if cleaning or repairs are needed before storage.  You can rest assured that your fur is in good hands with us


 Should a special occasion come up that you need your fur for, just stop into our shop! Our cold storage is readily accessible so we can easily retrieve your fur in no time.

Everything is stored on site. It is not shipped to some unknown location, only handled by a fur professional at all times!

Schedules Spring and Fall - Locked up in our climate controlled vault the same day we pick it up from you.

Cities we service- Savannah,Charleston, Augusta, Brunswick, St. Simons, Hilton Head, Bluffton, Beaufort, Statesboro, and The Landings

Your home’s closet is not the ideal place for your precious furs. Over time, exposure to high temperatures and humidity levels can cause your fur’s hide to lose its natural oils and become stiff, cracked and faded. the hide on furs not stored properly will begin to disintegrate with time and, unfortunately, cannot be repaired.


The most effective way to keep your coat in pristine condition is by storing it at Kirschner Furs’ on-site cold storage facility. Our vault is maintained with less than 20 percent humidity, optimal for fur storage.  It is also insect-proof and receive very little UV light exposure. We care about your fur, and do everything we can to protect and preserve it.

If not:

  • Is a professional processing your fur?

  • Where is it kept until it is shipped to some location for cold storage

  • How long after drop off before your fur is shipped to be placed in cold storage?

  • Is your fur insured at your drop off location until it is shipped? 

  • How is it shipped? 

  • If something happens to your fur before or during transit who is responsible for replacement?

  • How much notice do you have to give to receive your fur?

When you store with Kirschner Furs:

  • Professional is handling your investment - your fur.

  • Within minutes of drop off your fur is placed securely in our cold storage vault.

  • All services provided (cleaning, storing, remodeling/restyling) are handled by fur professionals and ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED!

  • All storage pick ups, in every city we service, is placed securely in our cold storage vault the SAME day you drop your fur off with us.

  • You have access to your fur at any time, all you have to do is walk in the door OR you are provided with set schedule dates for pickups in the spring and delivery dates in the fall.  You choose the date that is most convenient for you.

  • Shipping services are also available.

Do you store your fur(s) with Kirschner Furs?

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